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2015 VWM Scholarship Winner - Nicholas Dehoff

A dozen years ago the first OSPA scholarship raffle was held. Following 5 years of sending our funds to NASP, the board unanimously chose to create the Ohio School Psychologist Association Scholarship in 2007. We began with $19,000. Earlier this summer we had a balance of $89,000. However, with $4,000 distributed to our 2 current recipients and a loss of approximately $5,000 in the recent market correction our balance is now $80,333.00. These impacts emphasize the need for successful yearly raffles going far into the future. As we met the previous $80,000 goal last year we have now established our new goal at $100,000.

Previous winners are Ryan Taylor, Amber Kokal, Autumn LaRiche, Morgan Aldridge, Diahna Davis, and Amy Bruno. Please stand if you are present. I now have the pleasure of introducing you to our eighth and ninth recipients.

The eighth recipient is a second year student at Miami University, but hales from the Hawkeye state. He completed his undergraduate work at the University of Iowa in liberal arts –psychology. He was a resident-assistant, a Hawkeye Guide, and the trombone squad leader for the Hawkeye Marching Band, in addition to multiple other service activities.
Following graduation he spent one year working as an instructional assistant in a special education class. His empathy for those struggling to learn engendered a desire to have a greater impact in students’ lives. The culmination of personal and students’ experiences led him to school psychology.

At Miami he works at the Rinella Learning Center assisting Miami students who are experiencing academic challenges. His supervisor reports that he demonstrates a strong work ethic, superior quality work, a positive attitude, and excellent rapport with the students. She states that “he is aptly qualified to provide advice and constructive feedback to those students with whom he works, noting their strengths as well as areas of need.” In his position he demonstrates wisdom in seeking assistance and accepting feedback when particularly difficult circumstances occur.

One of his professors wrote that he demonstrates a high degree of academic and professional competence. He is well-prepared, well-organized, and eager to learn. He demonstrates a “high level of attention to detail and thoughtfulness” while demonstrating highly effective communication and collaboration skills.

Another of his professors stated that Nick has impressed all with whom he has worked as he balances academic and professional competence, leadership and service. He exhibits a passion for school psychology and has conducted himself in a fashion exemplifying service, proper application of ethics, and a passionate need to ensure the safety of students with whom he works”
Nick says of himself that he has a strong sense of empathy for students and believes that he will contribute to Ohio School Psychology by “practicing in a truly empathic fashion …….in order to understand a student and subsequently individualize plans which will have a positive meaningful impact”.

As one of this year’s selection committee’s unanimous choices it is my distinct pleasure to introduce Miami University student, Nicholas W. DeHoff, as the eighth recipient of the Valorie Wolcott Mendelson OSPA Scholarship. We wish Nick the very best………

Submitted by
Valorie Wolcott Mendelson
Chair, OSPA Scholarship Committee
November 5, 2015