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NASP Update: Summer 2020

NASP just concluded its Fall Leadership Meeting 2020 Sept. 15. In addition to the monthly eblast, there were some things shared that I thought you should know.

The NASP Convention in February planned for Salt Lake City, Utah, will be virtual due to the Coronavirus restrictions. The actual platform has not been decided upon just yet as negotiations are being finalized, but expect more information soon. The expectation is that there will be a mix of ‘live’ presentations and pre-recorded ones. There will be a Poster/Paper section as well as a Marketplace with vendors. Cost may be a little less, but don’t expect deep discounts as the cost for presenters is the same for virtual or face-to-face.

Membership is up by 3% overall compared to last year’s numbers at this time: Early Career 1st year up by 13%; student up 9.7%; regular up 4.8%; and Early Career 2nd year up 3%.
Demographics of membership - 85% female, 76% white, 9% black. This is fairly steady and NASP is actively promoting more diversity, especially in leadership positions.

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