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School Psychologists of Central Ohio (SPCO)


Mission Statement: School Psychologists of Central Ohio (SPCO) is committed to promoting the professional growth of school psychologists by sharing ideas, methods, and current research and practices in the areas of school psychology and related fields.  To achieve this mission, SPCO partners with school psychology training programs and local school districts and is strongly committed to supporting changes in local, state, and federal legislation which are in the best interest of children's individual educational and mental health needs.  This organization will acknowledge its affiliation with and support of the Ohio School Psychologists Association (OSPA) and the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) by promoting membership and participation in said organizations.
Newsletter: Fall 2014
Ohio Counties or Region Served: Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin,
Licking, Madison, Pickaway, Union
Current President: Patrick J. Kane, Ed.S.
President-Elect:  Charlotte Eschenbrenner, Ph.D.
Secretary: Julie Babyak
Treasurer: Ashlie Kempton
Other Board Members

Public Relations - Lauren Brown
Technology - Betsy Saltsman
Legislative - Hollie Galzarano
Conference - Carrie Turner                                                                                                                                                     OSPA Representative - Jennifer Glenn

Current Membership: 94
Membership Form: Click here for 2014-2015 membership form.
Number of OSPA Executive Board Members: 1
Usual Meeting Location: Various locations around the Columbus area
2015-1 Meeting Schedule:



9/26/14, WJ-IV & Hot Topics Facing School Psychologists

3/6/15, Tiered Instruction in Mathematics


June, 2014

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Meeting Information:
Special Affiliations or Roles: Many school districts in our region serve as practica and intern school psychologist sites for the Ohio State University.
Additional Information: We would like to work with OSPA to increase active
membership and to expand our role as an expert resource beyond the school forum and into the broader community.

This website provides an excellent opportunity for the Regionals to unite into a statewide presence through OSPA and become a reliable and respected resource for information related to the education of children, broadly defined.
"Celebrities" or Special Stories: We have several award-winners among our membership, including an OSPA School Psychologist of the Year, Jim Kline. Jack Naglieri, one of the authors of the Cognitive Assessment System and other norm-referenced standardized assessment instruments, is an alumnus of our region.

Our membership represents professionals from large urban, suburban, mixed suburban/rural, and rural districts. We have an active relationship with the School Psychology program at OSU, and members of the faculty are actively involved in OSPA and SPCO.